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Published on April 10th, 2013 | by Neil Spencer


INSA x Ketel One

Most advertising is an eyesore. An amalgamation of rubbish, plastered to billboards, and designed with poor color schemes and content that doesn’t fit into the landscape of our cities. Ketel One and the street artist INSA, have tried to right these wrongs, and take the craft of plastering our world with advertisements to a different level. One of the coolest things about INSA’s graffiti – or GIF-iti as he calls it – is that it’s graffiti updated for the digital age, and the finished project can only be viewed online. First, they paint a wall, then repaint it over and over again to create four “frames.” Then they edit the frames together to form an animated GIF.


This new piece was created by 180 Amsterdam for the DO ONE THING WELL campaign. The campaign celebrates the passion and skill required to achieve success in a discipline. Not only do these collaborations go beyond just promoting that philosophy; they demonstrate it. INSA is a master craftsman in the art of street art & graffiti, and Ketel One chose him because they weren’t just looking to create an advertisement on our streets, but an experience of physical demonstrations of skill and dedication. There are plans to make these works of art in other cities as well, and taking ‘GIF-iti’ global. Much the same way the Internet has connected people from different parts of the world as well. 



If you liked his work with Ketel One, be sure to check out some of his other works he’s done with longtime Radiohead collaborating artist Stanley Donwood at This is Colossal, and on his website INSAland.

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